Our History

It all started in 1978, when the aesthetician Sklibosiou Abatzidou Kyriaki decided to deal with Cosmetic Aesthetics, to delve into various skin problems and to indulge in the treatment and solution of them.

From the beginning, she focused on acne problems, as well as on cases of hormone-dependent hypertrichosis. More specifically, she specialized in the treatment of seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis, post-acne problems, as well as sensitive and intolerant skin. The combination of knowledge, experience (which she received from Mrs. Zafiris Eliadi Mary – a renowned chemist – aesthetician in Greece and abroad) and the use of appropriate methods, contributed decisively to her recognition in the field. She would like to mention that a dynamic partner in this process was the pioneering skin cosmetics company Ydor.g, and the internationally recognized method “Hellenique massage” of Mrs. Zafiris Eliadi, as they were powerful tools on the basis of which she developed her work and differentiated herself as a professional aesthetician.

Her effort to relieve the skin from the damage it displays, in harmony with personal contact and professional consistency, was sheltered & evolved in a space that wanted to represent both her vision and the clients who trust her to this day. Constantly investing in new methods and evaluating developments in the field of aesthetic-dermatology, she always seeks maximum effectiveness based on a personalized approach

A story of contribution to skin health 

In recent years, this effort was transferred to new, modern facilities under the name “Dermogosia”, always keeping our values stable, while Sklibosiou Konstantina, daughter and second professional generation of her mother, Sklibosiou Abatzidou Kyriakiaki.

Our Philosophy

43 years of contribution to skin health
Knowledge, motivation, criteria
Knowledge, motivation, criteria
omada dermognosia

Sklibosiou Abatzidou Kyriaki

“The “Dermognosia” Beauty and Cosmetology Institute is a place I started 42 years ago, investing with great respect to the client and the skin problems he/she faces.”

omada dermognosia

Sklimposiou Constantina

Daughter of the professional aesthetician, Sklibosiou Abatzidou Kyriaki, who follows and develops the 43 years recognized treatment of acne problems and hormone-dependent hyperpigmentation.

“Completing my studies at the Athens Certified School, I specialized next to the renowned chemist – Aesthetician Mrs. Zafiris Eliadi Mary, focusing on the treatment of seborrhea, acne and hormone-dependent hyperhidrosis. The parallel love of profession and family kept this service provision at a level of simultaneous personal contact and professional contribution. Over time, a clientele of mutual trust has been created, on a personal and professional level, that has lasted from generation to generation.

The dedication and contribution which is evident in the way of working, and the simultaneous knowledge and harmonization with the developments in Aesthetics, keep the Dermognosia Institute close to you. With new blood and technology, it is properly equipped to meet the constant and increasing demands of a clientele that seeks human behaviour and ideal results.

I thank all of you for trusting me until today, and my daughter Konstantina, who with even more zeal, wanted to continue what I created and developed with such zeal, perseverance and consistency.”

Graduate Cosmetologist and Aesthetician of the Athens University of Applied Sciences in 2005, with post-graduate studies in the innovative certified technique of Massage Hellenique Facial, Du Corps and Automassage. At the same time she was trained as a make up artist by the recognized school of Freddy Kalobratsos – Freddy Make Up Stage, where she specialized in the brand of MAC makeup cosmetics. Following the formal professional path, she was certified as an Apilus Academy Electrolysist, and travelled abroad to conduct in-house trainings at her partner companies. In this way, Dermognosia succeeded in being recognized as a certified Apilus Center from Dectro Academy (Canada), Green Peel Center Dr.Med.Schrammek and Babor official partner, and remained the official Ydor.G exclusive partner throughout the years.

“Aesthetics proved to be an experiential choice, as it was a personal and professional one-way street. A path during which I met, loved, approached and ultimately chose this profession as I came to know it through my mother’s way of working. The perception of beauty is a moral test. That is why I have a deep trust in classical aesthetics and the principles it stands for. Combined with my concern over the search for new ways to improve skin, I seek to deservedly continue on the path my mother blazed. I aspire to keep the standard of Aesthetics that she taught me high. I envision the ideal treatment for every problem, the right cosmetic for every skin. “Dermognosia” is the place where I can put my vision into practice, the place where desire meets result, the place where I combine personal and professional values.

I will not say more… For me it is a period of personal creation and professional consistency and there is no room for words, only actions…”


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