Even Tones

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The new benchmark for even skin tone. Even Tones is the first-ever skin clarifying product to combine Idebenone Complex with the botanical agent Methyl Gentisate to visible reduce the appearance of uneven skin tones for dramatic results.

Use Directions:
Apply a small amount to face, neck, hands, arms and body, and thoroughly massage into skin. Use once or twice a day or as recommended by skincare professional. For best results, use with PRIORI® Moisturizing Facial Cream and Radical Defense.

97% improvement in skin pigmentation. More effective than prescription strength Hydroquinone. Not only improves visible pigmentation but also improves developing non-visible pigmentation.

Comparison to prescription strength 4% Hydroquinone for Even Skin Tones (8 weeks, double blind, twice daily use, dermatologist expert grader evaluation, 10 subjects)

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